Sordin Supreme Pro X - Active Safety Ear Muffs with LED Light green camo

  • Brand: Sordin
  • Article: SOR75302-X-08
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Sordin Supreme PRO X - Professional Hearing Protection used by the US Army.

All active electronic hearing protection headsets made by Sordin are built in Sweden and show the highest craftsmanship, excellent wearing comfort, and precision engineering. Every hearing defender is suitable for use outdoors and indoors and protects its user from unpleasant and harmful noise.

Proven and Tested

Certified to the EU Norm DIN EN 352-1, DIN EN 352-4 and DIN 352-6.

Crystal Clear Amplification

The external microphones can even amplify quiet sounds around you up to four times their normal noise level. Perfect for when you are out on the hunt and waiting for a deer to turn the bend. The integrated digital electronics seamlessly combine dampened loud noises with amplified quiet noises.

SNR 25dB:

Sordin hearing protectors with acoustic amplification have an average protection value of SNR: 25dB. This reduces harmful sound by up to 25dB.

LED Light

The LED lamp is integrated into the headset and can illuminate your immediate surroundings. Perfect for when tracking your prey at night or working on machinery in low lit environments.


The ergonomic design of the unit and the adjustable headband means that it can fit comfortably on adults with heads of all shapes and sizes. The gel seals cushion the headset against your skin and even allows you to wear eye protection or glasses without losing protection.

- Made in Sweden
- 5 year manufacturer guarentee
- Battery powered (included)
- Perfect situational hearing
- Crystal clear audio reproduction
- Water proof microphones
- Gel ear cushions
- Integrated LED light

- Hunters
- Law Enforcement
- Fire Fighters
- Construction
- Paintball
- Special Forces

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