MePaBlu Silencer Exclusive active earmuffs Softgel earbuds Waterproof IP55

  • Brand: MePaBlu
  • Article: 3310
33 550 ₽
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SILENCER Exclusive
versatile applicable
- also for long guns shooters

Model SILENCER Exclusive is a versatile device,
e.g. for sport-, parcours- and clay pigeon shooters
or hunter in the in-/ and outdoor areal.

The ear is optimally protected by the efficiently insulation.
Furthermore the well proven SoftGel ear pads
assure a high wearing comfort (option).

SILENCER Exclusive is characterized by:
- slim cap shape (for riffles)
- 10-fold amplification
- SNR-value 25 dB
- one-hand operation
- original MePaBlu SoftGel ear pads
- black caps with inlay alternatively in color green or black

Made in Germany

Order No. 3310

as an option
MePaBlu SoftGel ear pads

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