MePaBlu TWIN-TEC Exclusive earmuffs with amplification up to 20-fold for the hunter with high demands

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TWIN-TEC with amplification up to 20-fold for the hunter with high demands

The TWIN-TEC is characterized by:

- high 20-fold amplification

- 1000-fold proven SoftGel ear pads

- Indoor-/outdoor-automatic

- Red LED flashlight

- Padded metal head band

- Painted in green and set off with black labels

  in wood structure

- Long term model



The high, 20fold amplification

is ideal for hunting and in the raised hide.


Wearing comfort 

The outstanding wearing comfort of the SoftGel® ear pads

is highly appreciated in the hunting district




Outdoor mode at hunting: 

- short shutter speed -

the gun noise is reduced but the bullet sound

is hearable and conversation possible


Indoor mode for shooting ranges: 

- longer shutter speed -

still be able to converse in the shooting range,

even when the others are shooting

(echoes and the sound of gunshots and flying bullets

are suppressed, voices are amplifyed)



Sophisticated - a LED beam for the night



The TWIN-TEC is painted in green and

set off with a black labels in wood structure.


CE, TR, waterproof, EMV

Made in Germany

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