CELADAPLANET Dog Whistle - Adjustable Ultrasonic Whistles to Stop Barking for Dogs

  • QUALITY: Professional ultrasonic dog whistle. Stainless steel. High-quality materials are used to create dog-whistles that are built to last! Efficient training and higher levels of obedience are now possible!
  • STOP BARKING: Used for training and to limit dog barking, we include an easy to follow user manual inside the box. Learn to control your dog and limit stress and behavior problems. Whether you implement a Master Call or many different Sequence Calls, a dog whistle is the choice of the pros for limiting barking and teaching your dog to sit, stay, and more!
  • ADJUSTABLE: Fully adjustable, you are able to select the frequency that works the best for your situation. This is important, as many cheaper dog whistles are not adjustable!
  • ULTRASONIC: Our ultrasonic whistle allows you to fine-tune the perfect pitch and just like the original Galton’s whistle (or silent whistle) can not be heard by most humans.
  • PORTABLE and PROTECTED: Easy to take with you and our fully-adjustable dog whistle comes with a protective cover. We also include s a quality lanyard with a quick-release feature that allows you to remove the whistle from the strap quickly and easily.

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