CeladaPlanet Dog Collar Electronic Training Anti Barking with Remote, Rechargeable/Eco-Friendly, Waterproof

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Dogs are the most beloved Pets humans have ever have, but like a new born baby which need to learn everything dogs also can learn manners to enhance the co living relation with human. Same like human needs to be educated and groomed to become a respectable and well a mannered citizen dogs also need proper training and introducing them to good habits to turn them in a best Pet. At CeladaPlanet, we are doomed to develop value added products and delivering the best experience to our valued customers. This time we are here with a gadget which will make your life easier and happy if you are a dog lover. -1500ft+ Remote Range Multimode dog e collar has a wireless remote control which you can carry and use to train, control your dog in Parks, Backyard and public places. Makes easy to travel with your dog. -100% Waterproof Receiver. The receiver is 100% waterproof, you no need to worry when you are out of home and it starts raining. The dog can enjoy swimming and playing in the rain. - Adjustable size for all dogs Smaller, thinner and lightweight receiver mounted over a thin strap which can be adjusted to support the neck size of Small, Medium as well as Large sized dogs up to 62 cm adjustable all the way from 8 cm. - Rechargeable lithium battery. Our Dog Training Collar comes with a Lithium battery within the package where receiver has 5 working days and 15 days standby battery time where remote can stay alive up to 20 days. - Dog Training Collar. Features Every dog is also a unique individual. In believing so, the CeladaPlanet electric dog collar offers 3 training modes: Beep, Vibration, and Safe Static with 6 levels to fulfill individual needs. Develop Good Behavior in Dogs Training your dog with our Vibrating Dog Collar helps to leave bad habits like barking, biting, chasing and turn it to an obedient friend of yours!

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