About Us

The company ''Celada'' began its development in 2008. The main goal of the Company is to supply quality goods for hunting, shooting sports, and outdoor activities.

Over the past few years, clay sport-shooting has become increasingly popular. It can be practiced both at the amateur and professional level, virtually without age restrictions. Most cities have specially equipped shooting ranges and clubs where one can practice independently and/or with an instructor, as well as participate in competitions.

The founders of the Company are also active in the sport. As classes were held at various clubs, there was a need to purchase shooting accessories. Not all of the purchased items were well suited to individual needs, however, and we had to test, select, and make recommendations to friends.

The founders decided to combine all of the available products in one e-commerce space, and our website was born.

The main products that our Company offers, then, are necessary or relevant for shooting and hunting.

In 2021, we realized the need for pet products, in particular for dogs, was growing. We registered our trademark CELADAPLANET and began importing goods for hunting, shooting, and pets under our own brand name.

Within the territory of the Russian Federation, the Company also re-branded under the same patented trademark CELADAPLANET and began to work more actively in the retail space.

We now work directly with many suppliers of well-known products and brands. We have a strong retail presence in both St. Petersburg and Moscow.

We believe in our products and value our reputation. Personal interaction and old-school customer service is at the foundation of all that we do, and we invite you to contact us for any reason!

If you have any questions about cooperation, please contact the addresses listed in the "Contacts" section or by phone +7 960 278 11 55